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It does not matter how much experienced you are in online dating, this article will help you to further strengthen your relations with whom you date online. This would be interesting to know, what happens when both you and your partner are online on Facebook; you both are initial stage of your relations.

You both can’t stop your temptation of phoning or texting one another. The other possibilities are your relations have become so strong that you have started living together. Have you given a thought about the possible problems which it can cause? May be you have two profiles one for online dating and one for your other friends.

Resetting Profile Privacy

There is always a possibility of identity theft of your personal profile; this was the reason why I remained out of this platform for several years. There are settings which are totally private but at times these also do not work properly, it has been seen recently that the management of the company changed the standard settings unilaterally.

This was totally denounced by the press which compelled the company to reset the same. But such happenings make you nervous and unsecure. There is software that scans your profile and your friends on Facebook will immediately come to know about your likes and dislikes and this also includes your sexual orientation. I had not set up a page on Facebook till recently.

My girlfriend for many years used privacy settings for many years; she used to maintain contacts with her family. I thought that the system will work for me, though I am not that good or keen keeping in touch with my family. I am not sure that my daughters are really active, though this has no connection with online dating.

This prompted me to set up my online profile on Facebook, after having completed first couple of pages; I was prompted to locate some of my friends. It was nice to find my girlfriend; it was possible as I could trace one of her daughter who was her friend on Facebook. I immediately sent her a friendship request.

It was surprising that I did not get any response from her, though all other friendship requests were responded quickly including my daughters. I thought she has decided to ignore me or probably there could be some other reason.

I again sent her message asking her if she is ignoring me, the prompt reply was no, it was a fair reply and I had to believe it. She was surprised that despite her privacy settings, I was able to locate her. This entire episode compelled me to think about the truth about these privacy settings.

Such happenings can raise lot of doubts especially when you intend to date online. Normally you swap your real Email IDs or even phone numbers, one that you have a simple profile for your friends and a your real everyday profile.

The other option is to keep your profile clear of your dates, this can be applicable if you dating with several people at the same time, you may use Facebook dating features also.

Facebook For Relationship

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