How To Meet Beautiful Women on Facebook Social Networking?

I am an everyday guy who has been able to use social networks to transform my dating life. I now have great success meeting women. MySpace was the first platform that helped my dating life.

Now it’s Facebook that presents a fabulous opportunity for average guys to meet fantastic women, women they wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise! Let me explain why Facebook presents this opportunity, and then I’ll tell you how Facebook does it.

It is important to understand why, not just how, so be sure to read everything below. Over 60% of Facebook users are women. Why is this the case? Let’s examine why women love social networking sites.

In tribal days, men were depended upon for the survival of their family. Women and children depended on the man for protection, as there were no social services. Men had to ensure both their own survival as well as that of their family.

Wealthy men who were good leaders and dominant were better able to do so, and hence were seen as more attractive by women. Women helped ensure the survival of their family by using a different skill set. The skill set relied on communication.

Women needed to be able to communicate with both their man and their children. Over time, these traits were hard wired into humans. Today, however, women can provide for themselves; they are not dependent on men.

As a result, a man’s wealth today is less potent in attracting women. However, women’s communication skills are still hard wired in their brain. Therefore, men can use communication to attract women!

In fact, the use of communication is critical, given that women no longer need a man’s wealth. Today’s social networks are similar to the tribes of days past. These networks can be so large that they encompass areas larger than a country.

Aside from the points made above, communication is even more important when you consider that women account for a majority of the employees of advertising and media companies.

Communication is key to survival. You can find coaches to teach you communication and attraction skills you’ll need, skills required to build your social network and attract greater number of desired women.

Men can learn these skills in as little as several days, since a growing network can often snowball rapidly. Traditionally, the only men who developed the best communication skills and the largest social networks were the men who women tended to be naturally attracted to at young ages.

Although there are other methods to meet women, I endorse the social networking route for a reason: It is the quicker route. Social networks offer a sense of commonality. When someone is part of your social circle, they often assume you are somewhat alike, since like-minded people are usually attracted to similar interests.

If you were to attend a party filled with millionaires and beautiful women, partygoers would be likely to assume that you are a millionaire who attracts beautiful women. They wouldn’t know if you were broke.

Conversely, if you were to attend a party full of poor arts students, others would be more likely to assume you too are a poor arts student, even if you are a millionaire. This tendency of people, the tendency to assume they have a rapport with others in their social network, certainly works to your advantage.

The first step is to create situations where others will find you attractive. Let’s talk about how to do that using Facebook.

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