Visualization Exercise – The First Step To Attracting The Man Of Your Dreams

Human beings rely heavily on visual stimulation and their own imagination. Our reality begins as a simple thought.

Our imagination helps us to develop a plan to acquire everything that we have ever wanted. These simple facts can be used to attract a certain kind of man which can develop into a perfect relationship with your ideal partner.

Before seeking a rewarding relationship, you should take the time to figure out what you really want. Sure you can sit around and wait to run into that special someone but luck is not always on your side. After all if wishing for that special man was effective, I doubt you would be seeking my input.

If you are not really clear on what you want there are a few questions that can help narrow it down. What type of relationship are you looking for? How do you envision your future with your potential partner? What things are important for you and your partner to do together?

Now let’s dig a little deeper into your desires. Is he a hopeless romantic? Does he make you feel sexy? Is he someone you can be a complete goofball with? How does he sound? What are some of your traits that he values? Are you getting the idea?

Thinking about these things should help you to visualize being in love with a man who adores you and whom you admire and find irresistible. You need to visualize the relationship of your dreams!

Studies have shown that your brain responds to actual events in the same exact way as it does to imaginary events. Your brain does not differentiate between real and imagined. This known fact has so much merit that even accomplished sports professionals use visualization to help increase their chances of winning.

The philosophy behind it is that if you believe and really visualize yourself winning, you will actually win! The mind is so powerful but the opposite holds true. If a player concentrates on losing, then they will more than likely lose.

Race car drivers use the same tactics. They know if they are not focused on the road they can end up on the side of the road. If a race car driver continues to focus on the actual road that is where they will stay.

You have to concentrate on where you want to be otherwise you will end up in the wrong place. Why am I telling you all of this? The same rules apply when it comes to love. Look at your past relationships.

Are you continuously ending up in the wrong situations? What lead you to those situations? Could it be that you have been expecting yourself to fail at relationships and therefore have? Are you attracting negative situations because of your own imagination? I would guess the answer is YES!

From this point on you need to focus on more positive outcomes. What you have visualized in the past has not helped you progress. The power of positive thinking can transform your life.

Start wanting better. Start seeing better. Start BELIEVING that you will have the best. Focus on the image of you in a rewarding relationship with the man of your dreams. Now that you can visualize a loving relationship with your ideal partner the next step is to create a Relationship Dream Board that will clearly illustrate what you want. This will help you to attract Mr. Right.