5 Things You Should Do To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Alive

After meeting with people who had been in long distance relationships, I found out that there are things you need to do to make the relationship to work. I have listed some of these things below. Some are deceptively simple, but actually, they are harder than they appear.

The most important thing is not one particular step or technique. It is the desire to make the relationship work. That, more than anything, will determine whether the long distance relationship survives. That desire, coupled with the list below can help your relationship grow in a fun way.

1) Communicate in a way that works for the both of you.

The first thing people in a long distance relationship need to do is find a way, literally, to communicate. For most people, the phone is the most convenient way, but there are other options. Email, instant messaging, Facebook, and VOIP (like Skype) can be very practical once you learn how to use them. Don’t forget the old-fashioned letter and card.

Each method has its ups and down, so think about what works for both of you. Remember, once person may prefer one method, while the other likes something else.

2) See each other in person.

Seeing each other at regular intervals is very important in a long distance relationship. Whether it is during holiday breaks, once a month, or during summer vacations, seeing each other at a fixed time and place is very important.

You can do a lot over the internet, but nothing takes the place of actually being together in person Just the anticipation alone of seeing your partner after a long period can help restore excitement in your long term relationship as well as make you feel less lonely.

3) Find a hobby you can both share.

If you find something that both of you like, you can talk about it and more or less do it together, even if you are continents away. It can be something like playing games over the internet, which is fast and something you can literally do at the same time.

It can also be something you do offline, like cooking or hiking, that you can talk about or send pictures.

4) Occasional surprise is good.

A card on your anniversary is great, but roses for no reasons are even better. Use your imagination. Even if the idea turns out to be bad, the spontaneity of it will count for a lot. Unexpected gifts and cards are great ideas no matter where you and your partner live.

5) Embrace the audio visual experience.

Take photos of you as a couple and as individuals. Edit them, make them into a card, or put them on a mug. Share the photos and videos. Maybe animate the photos while your favorite song plays in the background and email to your partner.

You can share both the special times in your life as a couple while also show the more mundane things you do when they are not there (like midnight shopping.) Sharing pictures, videos, and songs helps to keep the relationship alive.

I understand the list above is not comprehensive. Maybe you know of other ways which will make a long distance relationship work. Do share.

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