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There is a fair estimate of around 100 million women who spend their time on Facebook, many of them are still looking for the right guy and do not know how to find one. Facebook has become a very hot platform for number of hot women, it is up to you to look for the hot women and attract them.

Basically it is an art how can you pick up the right women, if you have that art it would be like a piece of cake for you. Dating on Facebook has become quite common and is socially acceptable even for the fair sex; they too look for a guy of their choice through Facebook.

Most of the guys have proved immature in their deals, they do not have any idea about the words to choose, they even do not know what to say, how to say and when to say. Facebook dating works very well, you just need to know the techniques which can make you perfect in your approach.

Below are some tips which can make your approach more acceptable to the opposite sex and you can really pick those one for dating.

Tip Number 1

Use minimum words which has more meaning, it means say less to say more, more guys in order to remain cool and try to be smart, they only show their existence and do not try.

When you only show yourself and do not try, it means you are faking, any girl can smell this immediately and you can be caught. You have to be real and honest, reality and honesty works.

It is disappointing to see that guys talk too much and expect too much, their questions to the girls are really stupid, they beg for dating and brag about their achievements.

This must be stopped immediately. You must be concise in your chat, say less and listen more. You must give an opportunity to her to know more about you. This will happen only when you create a very impressive profile of yours.

Tip Number 2

Try to be more popular, popularity attracts girls easily. This can be achieved by the comments of your friends, praising you, good comments on your photos.

Good comments from your female friends, be active online always and do the right activity. Right activity will definitely catch attention of others, do it and see the results.

Tip Number 3

Branding is very important, brand yourself. You will have to make yourself unique and create a brand in you. Maintain a different identity which is totally different than the losers. This is quite easy to do, you have to find what losers normally do, and you must do exactly opposite of that.

This will make others to notice you, seducing the girls through Facebook is a science, this science can be mastered easily, practice makes the man perfect, practice it before you implement it.

Once you have become a master, you will find that thousands of girls will get attracted to you, that too effortlessly.

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