Tips On Talking To A Beautiful Girl For The First Time

Some boys are endowed with, among others, an inborn quality of self-confidence. This trait gives them the knack of talking to girls when they meet for the first time and develop intimacy over a period of time.

However, some boys are not so fortunate. If a girl rejects a boy’s overtures, it does not mean that the boy is in anyway inferior or less handsome. It is quite possible that the girl may not like what the boy does or his approach may be repulsive. This is because they might have been misinformed about the likes and dislikes of girls or what they expect to hear from the boys.

A majority of men are not aware that women are fond of people with high social status. For example, when girls observe that while some boys are talking to their friends, cutting jokes and entertaining them in a bar or a restaurant, others simply sit alone waiting for a girl to pick up a conversation with them, they conclude that a social class is better for them.

In other words, when a socially active boy walks up and talk to the girl, she may have already made up her mind that he is the right person to make friendship with. Following are some of the tips that a boy should keep in mind when he meets a girl for the first time.

These tips do not, however, apply uniformly in all cases. They are meant for those boys that are diffident and do not know how to talk to a girl when they meet for the first time. One need not be super intelligent to attract a girl.

Girls are fond of flattering remarks and therefore, the best method to start a conversation is to admire her beautiful features. During the conversation, the question posed should make the girl to share her views on the topic or any background information that she has on it.

Girls love being asked to give their views on various subjects. When a boy meets a girl, the meeting should enable both of them to know each other and the conversation should revolve round this aspect. For example, if the boy simply asks the girl where she is living, she would just reply to that.

On the other hand, if the boy asks her what is so special about the place that she has chosen to live there, it will open further discussion on that issue and the talks are bound to continue. There is no use asking her a question, if the answer will be simply either yes or no.

Every question asked should bring out her point of view. The boy should ensure that he asks the girl appropriate questions so that he can share his positive attributes with her. This makes the girl to develop a keen interest in the boy.

After the girl answers, the boy should express his own views without contradicting her as such. If there is a disagreement, the boy should express it in polished manner without hurting her feelings. The boy should be honest in his approach so that the girl forms a good opinion about him.

It is obvious that merely talking to a girl without establishing any rapport does no lead anywhere. The discussions can center on their likes and dislikes. For example, if both of them like sports, their next meeting could be in a sports venue or they can often discuss their favorite sports events whenever they meet.

Some boys would like to follow ‘seduction techniques’ to lure girls. However, these methods are not correct if the boys want to develop friendship with girls in a slow and steady manner.

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